Ann Brandau

A Public Health Professional from Kansas City, Kansas.

Ann Brandau

Public health professional with extensive experience

Ann Brandau is a public health professional with extensive experience in overseeing and implementing community health initiatives. Her undergraduate degree is in Human Services and she holds a Master’s in Business Administration. She currently sits on the Kansas Board of Regents. For 13 years she has served as the 3rd District Commissioner for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County Board of Commissioners for Kansas City. In 2006 she founded the Argentine Neighborhood Development Association (ANDA) of Kansas City and served as its Executive Director until 2018.

She began to focus on community development from a health perspective and that is what inspired her to create ANDA and begin working to improve the Argentine neighborhood in Kansas City. This is one of the lowest income neighborhoods in the state of Kansas. She believes to be a truly impactful leader, you have to lead by example, so she chose to build a home and live in this neighborhood and has raised her children there over the past 20 years. While working as the Executive Director of ANDA, Ann focused on cleaning up graffiti, establishing local grocery stores within the community, developing an affordable fitness center and making improvements to sidewalks and curbs. This brought needed entry level jobs to the community and encouraged people to take care of their neighborhood.

Ann had originally planned to take the MCAT this summer and to begin working on becoming a Physician Assistant because of her interest in public health, but the MCAT test has been cancelled due to COVID-19. To continue to foster her passion for working to better her community, Ann plans to enroll in the University of Kansas Master’s in Health Systems Administration in the fall of 2020. Her experience working in the areas of government, non-profits, and public health really dovetails nicely with this degree program.

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Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in local communities, providing valuable services to those in need and advocating to local government and business leaders on their behalf.

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